The Staff

We are a dedicated and highly energetic remote staff that specialises in providing our clients with intelligent research and the highest quality service. We look after our clients’ administration and business needs we do the nitty-gritty backend work so that you can focus on the front end of customer centric activity.

“We have attained a content, committed, hardworking and grateful staff, through developing a professional and respectful culture.”

-Nick Sharrock, Managing Director

The Managing Director

Our Other Company is the brainchild of our Australian MD who has had years of experience and success in business. Nick is also the Managing Director of an extremely successful company in the niche area of migration that has delivered projects for more than one hundred satisfied clients over a span of three years.

Nick’s daily presence in the office guarantees that all documents and processes meet international market standards. His attention to detail and eye for perfection assures that he is more than capable of leading a team of extremely competent individuals.

Our Facilities

We have spared no expense to ensure your remote staff are comfortable and able to perform their work effectively and efficiently.

We are managed by a CEO that has accessed all of these services and knows your requirements. He recruits and assesses staff to fulfill your requirements to your 100% satisfaction.