The Staff

We are a dedicated and highly energetic remote staff that specialise in providing our clients with intelligent solution-focussed responses and the highest quality service. We look after our clients’ administration and business needs.

We have attained a content, committed, hardworking and grateful staff, through developing a professional and respectful culture.  We do the nitty-gritty backend work so that you can focus on the front end of customer centric activity.

The Managing Director

What inspired you to start a virtual assistant outsourcing company?
This opportunity presented itself organically as I was initially drawn to the Philippines to engage staff in the support of my writing business, this was after having struggled to engage and retain Australian employees in 2013 to 2014.  By 2017 clients and friends who knew that I was living in the Philippines with a working recipe of staffing sought my support for their staffing needs.

Can you describe the vision and mission of your company?

When asked by an employee at a dinner ‘why these companies’, my imediate response was ‘good jobs for good people’.  Then, I’m often relating our mission and vision to employees, it is our

professional collaboration with clients and our mutual endeavour to provide food and shelter for our families.

Our mission and vision may be seen in the intro to our Code of Conduct:

Our culture is that we hold the best interests of one another, our clients, and this business at heart. This is how we keep our success, our security, and our safety.

We, therefore, expect colleagues to respect our code of conduct, and for all to contribute to an accountable, professional, organised, respectful, collaborative, safe, and caring working environment.

How long have you been involved in the virtual assistant industry, and what key trends have you observed during your time in this field?
I’ve personally been managing my team in the Philippines since 2015, a writing business.  I did this for the first 12 months whilst living in Europe, hence I learnt the challenges and overcame these obstacles.  I then moved to the Philippines for 4 ½ years to further advance staffing and my team, and to set up my own office, staffing, culture and middle management.

Since 11 January 2018, when my son was born I moved to my home office to begin the practice of managing remotely, then mid-2019 until now I’ve managed both my writing business remotely and my staffing business for others.  I’ve designed a method that works through much learning and a recipe that can be replicated for the success of others.

What sets your virtual assistant outsourcing services apart from competitors? What unique benefits do your clients receive?
The greatest security I can offer clients is the personal experience and growth that has come from my survival with offshore staffing and the learning derived from it in the past 8 years.  Then, in addition, the
journeys clients and I have experienced together and the learning and solutions we’ve co-designed since 2017.

This is backed by my professional experience and career in training and development in leadership and culture, and after successfully managing teams in varying roles and sectors through multiple challenges.

Here is what a colleague has written:

“Nick’s passion for organisational development and leadership have led him to be a life-long student in this field, with a depth of knowledge and experience that make him an insightful, powerful partner to client

I particularly appreciate the way that Nick’s passion for innovative and authentic approaches to leadership is balanced out by a no-nonsense, pragmatic understanding of how organisations work and how best to engage with them. This combination will support him in both supporting but also stretching the organisations he partners with.

As an individual, Nick is highly motivated and challenges himself to deliver his best in all areas, ensuring that he follows through and delivers on his commitments. He is supported by a strong team of professionals to deliver only the best to his clients and I would recommend him to any organisation looking for service providers in sustainable, game-changing leadership and OD work.”

Donna GlanvillRe-order
OD Consultant, Facilitator and Intervention Designer (Self-Employed)

Leadership and Management Style: How would you describe your style of leadership and management within your company?
In this business from my experience with this new generation I’ve developed a leadership style to enhance a culture that both cares for the individual and community of staff whilst supports enhanced professional conduct and conscientious behaviour.

We have also cemented in place a leadership and expectation that promotes autonomous thinking and behaviour with solution-focused problem solving alongside care for employees whilst maintaining high expectations of professionalism.

Can you share some examples of significant projects or clients your company has worked with? What were the outcomes of these projects?
Our clients have ranged from Australian law firms, finance firms, mortgage brokers migration practitioners, property leasing companies and accountants.  I’ve witnessed staff take so much of the work from business owners to enable their freedom to develop other businesses or to grasp more family time.  This includes my endeavours with my writing team enabling me to progress the offshore staffing business and be a dad who is present.

What are the key skills and expertise you bring to your role as the owner of a virtual assistant outsourcing company?
My expertise in leadership and management has been in leading teams through transition and whole organisational change.  I’ve acted as a coach mentor guide and facilitator to corporate banking, oil, mining and gas, and public health.  What personally floats my boat in previous roles and with current clients is solutions in organisational design and strategic thinking.

Currently, I am working with a supervisor at UQ that has accepted my proposal in leadership and culture to complete a PhD.  My desire and intent are to further flesh out and solidify what type, method and elements of leadership behaviour will enhance our work community for the strategic benefit of business, the individual, community and culture for current-new and new generations of workers.

How has your business grown or evolved since its inception? What strategies have you implemented to ensure its success?
The most outstanding growth I’ve experienced was when in 2015 I employed two staff, then after six months I had six staff and after 18 months I had nine staff and I was relieved from this business so much that I could move on to other business endeavours.

Wishing you great days.
Nick Sharrock MBA, BEd, Dip T.

Our Facilities

We have spared no expense to ensure your remote staff are comfortable and able to perform their work effectively and efficiently.

We are managed by a CEO that has accessed all of these services and knows your requirements. He recruits and assesses staff to fulfill your requirements to your 100% satisfaction.